About Us


Erik and Amy with the first Vantigo van, Lillie, in 2013

Erik and Amy with the first Vantigo van, Lillie, in 2013

In 2013 Erik and Amy combined their lifelong love of Volkswagen vans with their love of all the Bay Area has to offer, and Vantigo was born. Today Vantigo is on the road offering everything from City, Beer and Wine tours, to wedding charters and large scale company outings. We strive to fill the niche for people who want to do touristy things without feeling like a tourist, and see ourselves running somewhat of a day camp for adults on vacation (or stay-cation!). We strive to create the perfect California experience for guests, whether that means exploring San Francisco’s storied neighborhoods, cruising Highway 1 in search of craft beer or sampling pinot in the Sonoma sunshine.

The name Vantigo comes from a blend of the word “van” and the Spanish word "contigo," which means "with you." While it’s a fun play on words, it also speaks to our philosophy. These are not the typical city tours that play recorded information to passengers on a big bus. Instead, we pick you up in a beautifully restored Volkswagen van and offer a more lively, lighthearted and authentically personal experience. We go with you – and we share our favorite San Francisco sites, stories, restaurants and pastimes, so that you can experience the Bay like a local.





Job Title: Fearless Leader of the Vantigans
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Likes: Great beer, good times, and one of a kind experiences
Dislikes: Flat tires, broken VWs, and cheap interiors
Favorite SF Neighborhood: Glen Canyon
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: La Cumbre
My other ride is a: 1997 Toyota 4Runner…. For towing the children
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: Being Mr. Dad :)

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Job Title: Vantigo Camp Counselor, Business Operations First Officer
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Likes: Spending time in nature, meditating, perfectly ripe avocados
Dislikes: Pretentiousness, twisted fan belts, burpees
Favorite SF Neighborhood: Lower Haight
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: Pancho Villa
My other ride is a: Mission Bicycle
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: Riding my bicycle, checking out library books, making art, or feeding my housemates quinoa bowls. 




Job Title: SF's most creative and colorful tour guide
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Likes: Craft beer, cafe hopping, travel, motorbikes, and sand between my toes! 
Dislikes: Uber drivers and SOMA
Favorite SF Neighborhood: Haight Asbury & Nopa
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: La Palma
My other ride is a: Honda CB500 (braaap!) 
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: Catching waves at Ocean Beach or cruising the coast!



Job Title: Tour guide extraordinaire
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Likes: Skateboarding, baseball, and camping in my ‘71 Westfalia
Dislikes: Long lines, eggplant, cilantro
Favorite SF Neighborhood: Anywhere on the water
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: Taqueria Cancún
My other ride is a: 1971 VW Westfalia
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: Hanging out with my son and daughter, enjoying my wife's amazing cooking!



Job Title: West Bay tour guide
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Likes: The warm sun, driving vintage cars, making things from wood
Dislikes: Being cold, being overbooked, oysters
Favorite SF Neighborhood: Outer Sunset
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: Papito (though I like pupusas more)
My other ride is a: Mazda 3 and a Honda CB500f
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: On my motorcycle, playing basketball, enjoying the East Bay sun. Not simultaneously but not mutually exclusive.  






Zodiac Sign: Virgo, 1971
Likes: Saving the day, fire trucks, stopping to smell the roses
Dislikes: Large tour buses, going fast, Nob Hill
Favorite SF Neighborhood: North Beach
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: Little Chihuahua
My other ride is a: Knickerbocker Engine No. 5
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: Hanging out with the SF Fire Department.



Zodiac Sign: Gemini, 1971
Likes: 6AM dance parties, Hot Cookie, equal rights
Dislikes: Discrimination, having a low idle, exclusion
Favorite SF Neighborhood: The Castro
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: El Farolito
My other ride is a: Soapbox
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: Dancing in the Castro or organizing local communities around civil rights. 




Zodiac Sign: Leo, 1972
Likes: Being the fastest, playing the guitar, tie-dye
Dislikes: Narcs, bad vibes, having my carb adjusted
Favorite SF Neighborhood: The Haight!
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: Curry Up Now
My other ride is a: Magic carpet
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: Writing new songs for the next tour, cruising down shakedown street.




Zodiac Sign: Taurus, 1951
Likes: Happy customers, city affairs, wine country
Dislikes: Prohibition, law enforcement, when the ferry is late
Favorite SF Neighborhood: the Barbary Coast
Arguably the Best SF Burrito: Sushiritto
My other ride is a: Limo
When I’m not touring you’ll find me: Entertaining friends and being the Mayor of Sausalito.